As you know, parts of Victoria have been significantly affected by today’s earthquake.

Our thoughts and solidarity are with all those Victorians who have been affected by the earthquake.

Initial Safety Advice

Workplaces have a responsibility to ensure their workers are safe. In some areas, Emergency Plans have been invoked. Some workplaces have been evacuated until such time as the workplace can be deemed safe.

We note that there are reports of structural damage to some buildings in Melbourne, and greater damage is likely to have occurred closer to the epicentre of the earthquake in Mansfield. For some workplaces, safety checks may include ensuring the structural integrity of the building.

Your Health and Safety Representative (HSR) has the ability to have direct input into how your workplace responds, including how work can continue safely. We encourage members to raise concerns with your HSR.

In the instance an HSR isn’t accessible, or you believe there may be an imminent risk to your safety in returning to the workplace, please see our advice. This is only in the instance where you believe the above steps have not been followed and you are in a directly affected area.

I’m working from home and have some damage

In the first instance, you have a right to make sure you and your family are safe. We expect agencies and employers will take a reasonable approach, and advice and support is available from the CPSU.

Next steps and where to get advice and support

Speak to your HSR, workplace delegate, organiser, or contact the CPSU Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636 if you need immediate advice or support regarding workplace safety.

In solidarity,

Alistair Waters, CPSU National President