Bigger isn’t always better – but when it comes to PPE, it is.

NDIA members throughout Victoria have reported that the sneeze screens in place that are supposed to protect front of house workers are not the right size.

These screens are intended to protect workers from airborne droplets that can spread COVID-19. SafeWork Australia is clear: “If you choose to install a perspex screen you need to ensure that the screen is fit for purpose and protects workers from droplet spray.”

The Delta strain is spreading in our communities and NDIS participants need your support. But NDIA workers in Victoria don’t have safe workplaces to go back to.

Your CPSU representatives want to hear from you, today, so we can get NDIA to consult with workers, get these screens re-fitted, and make your workplaces safe for when you return.

Does your workplace need a bigger sneeze screen?

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