Today the CPSU has filed a dispute in the Fair Work Commission about the failure of Services Australia to properly apply the new casual conversion laws to its casual employees.

At first Services Australia said that it did not have to apply the new laws to its workforce. Under questioning from CPSU, they admitted this isn’t right. But it looks as though Services Australia has no intention of offering any casual employee permanency. It intends to conduct a “tick and flick” assessment instead of doing the right thing and creating pathways to permanency for its very large casual workforce.

The CPSU says that this is wrong. We are asking for the help of the Fair Work Commission to make sure that the government and APS agencies do not leave their own casual employees behind.

Services Australia employs over 3000 casual employees. The ATO employs over 2000. Many other APS agencies have a significant number of insecure workers.

We say that the government needs to look after its own workforce. It’s not good enough to for agencies to say that the new casual conversion laws are simply a “tick and flick” exercise in the APS.

We remain hopeful that other agencies will take a fairer approach to applying the new casual conversion laws. In the meantime, your union will keep you updated because this dispute has the potential to affect APS casuals more broadly.

You can read more about the new laws here, and how the government has made it too easy for APS agencies to side-step the new provisions.

The CPSU has prepared a detailed briefing note that outlines the process we say APS agencies should be taking to create pathways to permanency for APS casuals. You can read it here

What can you do?

Stay informed. If you are an APS casual and you haven’t already, make sure you have signed up for advice and support

Join the CPSU. By standing together, we can win more secure employment in the APS. If you’re not yet a member, join online now