The Commissioner has announced that the offer for your next agreement will be going to a vote opening on Tuesday 26 October.

Territory workers have asked for a fair pay rise that will help them keep up with the cost of living in the NT. Instead, while the offer includes some progressive changes, including additional leave, there is still no pay rise for four long years.

Here's the offer at a glance

No pay rise

0% increase to base salaries for the next four years means your wages will go backwards as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rises.

Four year agreement

With rates, rents, power, water, petrol and food prices rising, four years is a long time for a wage freeze.

Allowances and payments

Shift penalty and restrictive duty payments will remain the same for the next four long years. Some allowances will rise by CPI.

Taxable $1,000 bonus each year which doesn’t add to your base salary

It also comes out of your already stretched agency budget.

Stagnant wages will have long term affects on your super

Super on the $ bonus is only payable for accumulation fund members (not NTGPASS, NTSSS or CSS).

Apprentices and Trainees

Already low paid, if the Training wage quantum rises, that amount will be deducted from the taxable $1,000 bonus for these workers.

No pandemic leave

Even if contact is through your work duties.

Conditions and entitlements in Determinations and By-laws can still change

OCPE has made a commitment there will be no reduction in current or future entitlements without agreement, but no access to FWC arbitration if they are reduced. If they have no plans to cut your conditions or entitlements why not put them in the agreement?