The evidence is undeniable, the current workload allocation system is broken and the negative health impacts for workers are serious.

No one should ever have to choose between meeting unrealistic performance targets or their health and well-being.

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to secure a Safe Workloads system for DVA workers.

This week we discussed the compelling findings of our WHS Inquiry with DVA and asked for commitments to implement all the recommendation endorsed by CPSU members’ representatives. The department said it would provide its answer next week.

This week’s meeting was a good start, and we are hopeful DVA will agree to implement a Safe Workloads system for compensation claims delegates. However, we are prepared and capable of escalating these serious safety issues under Work Health and Safety legislation if necessary.

Here are the commitments we are seeking from the department:

  • That the Department of Veterans Affairs recognise and commit to adopting the safety systems approach outlined in our report
  • That the Department urgently develops and implements interim measures that address the immediate, serious nature of risk to workers’ health from prolonged exposure to the psychosocial hazards of work overload and unrealistic job expectations
  • Implement Safety Systems improvements to achieve a people-centred Safe Workloads approach – addressing the factors that cause harm; and
  • Monitoring and review of the Safety Systems approach through the establishment of WHS Committees for claims delegates workers and a national psychological health and safety committee.

Together in our union we are strong and capable

Here’s how to support the Safe Workloads campaign – it’s easy