Yesterday the Fair Work Commission handed down a decision confirming what we already knew – workers deserve to be consulted on policies and procedures.

It has taken almost a year of trying to consult with the department, and a trip to the Fair Work Commission, but we now have a decision in our favour. This is a win by union members and shows the power of being union.

Union members argued that employees must be consulted on all policies and changes to policies. There were three main policies that we so far found we had not been consulted on: Dress and Appearance, Social Media Policy and Best Practice for Interacting with Children Policy. All of these policies affect you and the work you do, and all of these policies should have been consulted on.

The Canberra Times today published a front page story outlining this win and commenting on some of the concerns raised by staff, particularly into the far-reaching uniforms policy. The ABC has also slammed the uniforms policy in an article published today.

Our members are disappointed and frustrated that it has taken almost a year of trying to talk sense to the department, and finally a decision of the FWC, for Home Affairs to consult about changes in policies and procedures. What do you think?

Consultation has many benefits for employers and staff. It facilitates the development of stronger, more meaningful policies and procedures through the input of staff who have detailed operational knowledge and experience.

Consultation with staff and the CPSU will avoid ridiculous policy changes like adding dresses and blouses as inappropriate work attire. The CPSU is regularly consulting with members and we’d love for you to be a part of this.

We are hopeful that not only will this decision lead to Home Affairs acting like a more reasonable employer and seizing a fantastic opportunity to properly consult with staff, but that you will join the CPSU today to be a part of this and many other wins to come!