Farewell to Nova

Nova Reinfeld-Kirkman, who has been in the position of ABS CPSU Section Secretary, is stepping down from the role after five years at the helm. We wish to thank her for her dedicated and passionate service to the role and to members over this time.

Nova has contributed in many ways to represent ABS CPSU members. She has led Enterprise Agreement bargaining discussions, represented ABS nationally, been actively involved in consultation on guidelines, represented many individuals needing assistance and tirelessly strived for the betterment of CPSU members.

Kate Hoffman who worked closely with her over this time shared her thoughts about working with Nova:

"I was always impressed by the amount of energy that Nova brought to her union efforts. She created a lot of positivity around the union in ABS, and inspired people to get involved who otherwise may never have considered it. I learned a lot from her - a highlight of mine would be working on a bargaining team led by her and learning so much about how bargaining gets done. She was always focused on getting a just result for members, from the small to the largest issues, and she achieved a lot in her time in the role."

We wish Nova all the best with the next challenges in her ABS career. Nova requested that in lieu of a present that CPSU instead donate to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The ABS Section Council has now raised $345 on Nova’s behalf. If you'd like to also donate to this important cause, click here.

Welcome to the new team

We are pleased to announce Rowena Zackeresen has been endorsed by CPSU Section Council to act in the Section Secretary role. Working out of the Brisbane office, Rowena is in the Public Finance team and was previously an Assistant Section Secretary for several years prior to time away on maternity leave. We are excited about having "Ro" back utilising her experience in guideline consultation, WHS, and staff representation.

Donna Chapman from South Australia has been endorsed by CPSU Section Council to fill the vacancy of Assistant Section Secretary. Donna has worked at ABS for eleven years, is currently an analyst in Education and Training Statistics, and has been on the SA delegate team for seven years. We are so pleased Donna has stepped up into this role.

Donna Reid from Western Australia has been endorsed by CPSU Section Council to fill the vacancy of Deputy President. She brings to council a wealth of experience. Donna commenced her career as a PSO Interviewer and is currently an assistant director in the WPI team. Yet another fantastic addition to this already exceptional team.

Denis Mann was elected President earlier in the year and has been doing a phenomenal job in this role during this time. We are really pleased to have this great team of people representing members across the country. Rowena, Donna, Donna and Denis make up the executive of the office Section Council.

The new team is very fortunate to also have the expertise, experience and endless knowledge base of Assistant Section Secretary of the interviewers cohort, Mark Manea on the team.

We are excited to continue the great work that Nova has done for many years, together with this new team.