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About the Women at Work webinars

These webinars feature valuable content from Nell Wilson, a globally experienced Executive Coach, Leadership Development Specialist and Consultant.

Nell has held leadership and learning and development roles for over 25 years in the corporate sector in a variety of organisations. Nell has worked with hundreds of Leaders, teams and individuals across the public, private, not-for-profit and NGO sectors.

Part 1: Navigating your career

 In this webinar, we will:

  • Discuss common career inhibitors and accelerators for women.
  • Examine what matters to you at work and how to navigate your career more intentionally.

Part 2: Developing greater confidence

 The second webinar features tips to build your confidence at work:

  • Navigate the inner critic/imposter syndrome by developing an ‘inner ally’.
  • Test some of the other assumptions that can erode your confidence.
  • Practice some strategies on how to build more confidence at work.

Part 3: Communicating with impact

 The final webinar will help you to fine tune your communication at work:

  • How to ensure you communicate effectively with others.
  • Read the room and contribute more in larger/group discussions.