The CPSU and ABC have again met to progress discussion about our respective bargaining claims.

On the agenda was:

  • Workloads: The CPSU presented the findings from our national ABC Workloads study . We discussed the impacts heavy workloads are having on ABC staff across the organisation. We talked about why there is an urgent need for structural supports to be included in the new ABC Enterprise Agreement. 
  • Overtime: Detailed discussions were had about the issues that ABC staff in different parts of the organisation experience with being paid for the additional hours of work they do. The impact of staffing cuts and changes to rostering cycles were discussed, and are slated to continue at next meeting.
  • New salary rate (Rate B): ABC management are proposing a new salary rate/deeming provision for employees who routinely earn 25% above their base salary in overtime and related penalty payments. Further discussions about how it will operate, and the quantum will need to be explored further. The CPSU has sought additional information from the ABC management ahead of our next meeting.

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