CPSU members in some work areas of Australia Post have contacted us regarding feeling pressured into returning back into their office workplace, contrary to the CPSU Aus Post Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

If you have been directed or pressured to return to the office prematurely please contact us for assistance. If you’re not yet a member and need assistance you can join here or ring the Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636 to join for assistance all in one call!

CPSU has negotiated with Australia Post that office-based workers will continue to have voluntary access to work from home arrangements until a new Work from Home (WFH) Policy has been finalised between Australia Post and CPSU.

This means that while the negotiations continue, Australia Post should not ‘unreasonably require’ a worker to return back to the office. They should only direct workers to return back into the workplace in specific and genuine circumstances such as:

  • for safety reasons
  • operational reasons
  • performance/conduct reasons, or
  • for face-to-face training or team meetings.

Other commitments Australia Post made in the MoU include:

If Australia Post directs you to return predominately into the workplace ‘it will endeavour to give not less than one week’s notice.

If your personal circumstances create difficulties to return back into the workplace after one week’s notice, Australia Post will give genuine consideration to those individual circumstances and work with employees on a case by case basis and may provide additional notice.

Being directed to come into the office workplace and need assistance?

Have you been requested to come into the office? Do you believe any of the above reasons genuinely apply? Remember any verbal request by your manager is only a request until they have exhausted their above obligations.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us or call Aus Post National Organiser Suwan Adamson on 0408 404 216.