Rick's Black Forest experience

it's my best guess of a Black Forest cake based on some I had in Nurioopta on a cellar door trip with my family in the late '70s.

Takes a while, but...take

  • roughly a half kilo jar of Morello cherries
  • about 150ml of Kirsch
  • half a cup of raw or dark brown sugar
  • drain the cherries - leave them in the jar
  • add the sugar, add the kirsch, seal the jar back up and put it in the fridge for six weeks.


  • make two really heavy chocolate mud cakes
  • whip a 300ml bottle of cream
  • make some heavy chocolate icing - use some of the liquor from the cherries
  • mix some of the cream into about two thirds of the cherries
  • make a moat around the outside of one of the cakes with the remaining third of the cream put the cream and cherry mix inside the moat
  • put the other cake on top


  • ice cake heavily, leaving a depression on top put remaining cherries on top
  • pour remaining liquor over the top
  • lay remaining icing over them
  • lay chocolate slivers over the top then dust with icing sugar.
  • leave overnight in the fridge.


  • invite lots of friends over but make them catch taxis
  • enjoy small bits of cake and some more savoury food
  • roll friends back into taxis with addresses - if you got the cake right they won't be able to stand.
  • lounge around for the rest of the day knowing tomorrow's hangover was worthwhile.
  • don't go into the pool. Much as I disagree with your politics, I value all human life too much to feel I might have contributed to someone drowning.