These events have taken place, but there will further opportunities to join the conversation - visit Every KPI is a person for more information.

What does a better NDIA look like to you?

The Federal Government has walked away from independent assessments in the face of sustained opposition from the community because they were seen as not being fit for purpose, as dehumanising and that it would lead to inappropriate plans, with a significant risk of traumatising participants.

At the same time, the NDIA has argued these proposed scheme reforms would be the answer to excessive workloads and be fairer because plans would be based on people’s functional capacity, as opposed to building packages based on peoples lived experience.

So, what now? 

The CPSU is organising campaign nights in September to create a space for you to come together and engage in a national conversation: What does a better NDIA look like?

We are excited to have David Belcher, from Community Disability Alliance Hunter, joining us at these events. 

David will be sharing his story having a lived experience of a disability, why he loves the NDIS and your role in it. 

He is also going to share his experience as part of a national campaign to roll back major parts of the Governments proposed changes to the Scheme not widely supported in the Australian community