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Frequently asked questions

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Am I eligible to use the CPSU website?

You must be a CPSU member to login and access the "members-only" areas of the site. CPSU membership covers those working in the federal public service, broadcasting, Telstra, the Territory public sectors and more. If you are not a CPSU member, you can join online here or call 1300 137 636.

What happens if I forget my username or password?

Your username is often the email address associated with your CPSU membership. If you have been through a Machinery of Government change (been MoG'd), your username may not be the current email address associated with your CPSU membership - please email for help. DHS members, please do not send your request in a "secure" email - we cannot open them for this mailbox. 

The password is case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, use the "request a new password" feature in the log in box (pictured below). 

Where do I get my username and password?

For instructions on how to set up your website account, please email

How do I get the most out of the search function?

Click on the magnifying glass icon (pictured below) and type in what you want to find. The website looks for actual words and phrases in content on the site and delivers those results. For example, if you are looking for stories on workplace aggression, type the word aggression into the box and press search.

You can use the quick search function on the front page of the website. Or access the full function search, which looks like this:

The full search function can be found at

You can also filter those results by using the links to the right of the search page. Filters include industrial team, whether the content is news or a media release or when it was published.

If you just want to catch up on news from a certain team or time frame, leave the search box blank and click on the filter links and it will return all content made that matches your request.

Can I login to the CPSU members’ site from my home, smart phone or tablet?

Yes. The CPSU members' site is accessible from home and is also specially configured to recognise when you are mobile and offer up an easy-to-read format.

How do I change my password or profile picture? 

When logged in, click on MY CPSU. You can update your password and add or change your photograph in this section. Password and photograph updates will take effect immediately. 

My profile details aren’t correct, how do I fix that?

To update other profile details, such as your preferred name, your work, phone or email; first you need to log in. When logged in, click on MY CPSU and then go to the UPDATE MY UNION MEMBERSHIP DETAILS link and fill out the form. These changes will take up to 48 hours. 

If you are having trouble, contact the Member Service Centre at or call 1300 137 636.

Why am I still logging in with my old agency email address?

Your username (which is often the email address associated with your CPSU membership) and your website email address which is used to send you your welcome email and password reset links is the only data that are never automatically updated in the website database. All the other profile data, such as your preferred name, your agency and so on are updated daily from our membership database.

Only the CPSU can update your username - you can request a change by emailing

You can change your website email address yourself by clicking "Manage my profile" link on your homepage, but we are happy to update it for you - just email

Changing  your username and/or your website email address won’t affect your current password.

What happens when members share member-only content by email or social media?

Members who click on shared CPSU information (those who have logged in recently or had their browser remember their password) will automatically see the full story or be prompted to log in.

If a non-member clicks through on a shared link to the CPSU member section, they can view the opening paragraph of the information followed by an invitation to join the CPSU to read more.

I'm an associate member - will I have access?

Yes. Associate members can now access the members-only website. If you haven't got a log in please contact the Member Service Centre at or call 1300 137 636. Please note you will need your own email address to receive a log in - it is not possible to "share" an email adddress belonging to a partner/family member who is still a full CPSU member.

I’m a member of the CSIRO Staff Association – will I have access?

Yes. CSIRO Staff Association members are CPSU members and can access this website. If you haven't got a log in please contact the Member Service Centre at or call 1300 137 636.

I'm a member, but I've asked to never be emailed by the CPSU. How do I log in to the website?

The CPSU takes do not email requests very seriously, and if you have asked us not to email you, you will not have received an email to set up your account. You will need to supply an email address so a website account can be created for you. Please contact the Member Service Centre by email or phone 1300 137 636. It may take up to 48 hours to create your account.

I am in the process of Machinery of Government changes, if I change agency, will I get news for my new workplace?

If and when you change agencies, all you need to do is let the CPSU know by emailing or calling 1300 137 636. Changes will usually take around 48 hours to be reflected on the website. 

When I access the CPSU website from my mobile it looks different. Why?

When you visit from a mobile device (smart phone or tablet), you will automatically be shown a version of the website that is easier to read on those devices.

Here is what the different sites look like:

Desktop/laptop site (full screen) Mobile site (or half screen)

The website seems to be showing me the mobile version on my desktop. How do I go back to the www/desktop site?

The CPSU site is a responsive site, so as well as recognising that you are on a smart phone or tablet and giving you an easy-to read version of the site, the mobile site also displays when you re-size your browser window (it shows the desktop site in full screen mode and the mobile site in half screen mode).

On your desktop or laptop you can switch between the two sites by changing your browser screen from half to full. Sometimes you may need to hold down the Control key and press F5 for the change to take effect.

The resolution size of your screen may also be a factor. Most screen resolutions are a minimum of 1024 pixels wide. If your screen resolution is set to be smaller than that, the mobile site will display.

I'm in DHS and the screen keeps bouncing around. How can I fix that?

Make sure you are viewing the website in your primary screen and not the second dual screen. 

Is my technical set up right for the new site?

The CPSU site is optimized for various web and mobile browsers. It is best viewed on Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE (8+), Android Browser, Blackberry (Webkit ready) browsers.

The CPSU site is responsive, so depending on the device accessing the site it serves the correct stylesheet for an optimal viewing experience.

For optimal viewing it is highly recommended that you have a screen resolution over 1024 pixels (wide) and 768 pixels (tall). Furthermore, as a responsive site, it scales, if the browser window is resized. It is recommended to have it run it full screen mode. If you resize the browser, remember to hit Control + F5 (if using a PC) or Control + R (if using a Mac) to view the correct stylesheet. 

Still having problems?

Please contact the Member Service Centre at or on 1300 137 636.