Commonwealth Bargaining 2021

Information for members.

Bargaining under the Government's new policy has already taken place in Members of Parliament Staff (MoPS), PM&C, NIAA and Sports Integrity Australia.

Central to the Government’s bargaining policy are pay increases that are tied to the private sector Wage Price Index (WPI) which means staff are asked to vote without knowing what the pay rise might be. Under this policy, you would be forced to vote on an agreement that left future pay rates unknown.

The policy also states agreements must feature “no enhancements”. That means if the Government gets its way, your agreements can’t keep up with the times and make critical and timely changes to your rights and entitlements to address things like pandemic provisions, working from home rights, and paid domestic violence leave.

APS pay rises

Public Sector Workplace Relations Policy 2020

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The Government’s bargaining policy means we all need to be working together to get the pay and conditions you deserve.

CPSU members across the APS are:

  • taking solidarity action in our workplaces for those bargaining right now
  • making the case for fair pay and conditions in our communities and with political leaders
  • talking to colleagues about the government’s decision to suppress wages.

You can help. If you're not yet a CPSU member, join today to help us get a better deal. We are all in this together.

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