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With around 50,000 members across Australia, working mostly in government agencies, the CPSU helps members improve their work conditions so they can do their jobs well, live their lives better and create a strong and efficient workforce.

Why join the CPSU?

More dollars in your pocket

We believe in fair pay for a fair day’s work. Join and help us fight for decent pay and conditions for all.

Conditions that let you live your life

We help members build a better workplace by pushing for fair entitlements plus satisfying work be it part-time or full-time.

Keeping your career on track

We help you boost your career by keeping you “in the know” about your rights and through training.

A strong safety net if things go wrong

We are part of a union movement that fights for improved health and safety in all workplaces. Plus, unlike non-union workers, CPSU members are covered if you have an accident to or from work.

Jobs, funding and a fair go

We are your voice and advocate for a strong and independent public sector as well as a fair go for all.