Keeping your career on track

If you're serious about your job and your rights at work, joining the CPSU is a smart move. We know our members are proud of the work they do and want their careers to develop. Helping members progress within their teams is something we take very seriously.

It’s natural for professionals to want to keep learning and developing. We value study leave and training and support members who want to access their entitlements.

Here’s how the CPSU is making a difference

CPSU Skills/ Qualifications Grants

We are proud to support members who want to keep learning. CPSU members can apply for one of ten grants, of up to $2,500 each, to assist them in improving skills and qualifications. Learn more about last year's grants here.

Get connected

Being a graduate is a great opportunity. We help grads get close to the action - whether it's meeting Members of Parliament on Budget night, networking with other graduates or developing your professional skills.

Delegate training

Union delegates receive free training that teaches them a lot about their workplaces as well as key skills such as public speaking, writing reports and negotiation skills. Delegates represent their colleagues, recruit and organise members around workplace issues, hold meetings, undertake surveys and help run ballots. They have the full backing of everyone at the CPSU. Find out more here.

Workplace health and safety

Being safe at work is vital and the union movement has spearheaded many campaigns on issues such as asbestos, repetitive strain injury and fairer compensation. In NSW and Victoria, Shared Advantage's Health and Safety Representatives course is the major Comcare-accredited WHS representatives course available to Federal public sector agencies. For more information contact Shared Advantage on 1300 137 006.

In WA, Unity training provide Comcare accredited Commonwealth Introductory Health and Safety Representative Training courses. They also also deliver Safety Committee and Workplace Safety for managers training. For more information contact