Change the Rules

The rules that made this country fair are broken.

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The rules that made this country fair are broken Big business has too much power. This has led to greater inequality, record low wage growth and too many insecure jobs. The rules are broken for working people, and the Morrison Government has made this worse.

CPSU members know this firsthand, having battled through years of workplace bargaining and continued wage suppression.  But we are not alone. Around the country working people are joining the movement to change the rules.   

The only time when working people have won pay rises, holidays and other things that make life worth living is when we’ve had the power to negotiate. And that power comes from numbers.  Which is why we need you to join the national campaign to Change the Rules and help bring fairness back to Australian workplaces. 

Signing up helps us know which CPSU and community members support this campaign. 

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