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Outsourcing Federal Prosecutor roles is wrong

The CPSU has condemned the Turnbull Government for a proposal to outsource critical positions in the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP), meaning lawyers engaged by private companies will be involved in criminal prosecutions.

Under the plan an unknown number of Federal Prosecutors will be engaged through a contract arrangement, with administrative support staff also to be employed through similar third party arrangements.

The proposal comes on the back of recent decisions by CDPP to move administrative support staff onto labour hire arrangements.  From providing vital administrative support to prosecuting serious crime, your work should be done by ongoing APS employees.

The decision to outsource CDPP jobs is a direct result of the Federal Government’s demands that agencies return to their 2006/2007 average staffing levels (ASL). The CDPP has been operating above its ASL for some time now. The outsourcing arrangements allows the CDPP to “reduce” its ASL, while still employing the number of people it believes it needs to function. 

It is absurd that the Government’s staffing policy is forcing the CDPP and other agencies to pursue expensive and complicated hiring arrangements just to reduce a paper headcount. 

Not only will it not save any money for the agency, it reduces the rights and conditions of affected workers and creates artificial divides in your offices.

It is not just us who thinks this is a bad idea - did you see Matt Keogh MP (formerly a CPSU delegate at the CDPP) speaking about the outsourcing in Parliament today? 

The CPSU has met with CDPP management several times to express our dismay at the proposal and advocate for the staff of the CDPP.  CPSU wrote to the Hon. Mathias Cormann and the Hon. George Brandis in their capacities as Minister for Finance and as the Attorney General respectively, seeking their intervention to prevent the outsourcing of CDPP jobs. 

We will keep up the campaign to ensure the Government provides CDPP with the staff and funding it needs. 

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