Comment Policy

The CPSU allows commenting on some web stories and social media sites so our members have a forum to discuss issues that matter to them. We understand that some of the issues can be contentious - which is why we ask people to treat others in the discussion with dignity and respect.

Comments are moderated before posting. We will not edit comments except under exceptional circumstances. Comments will not be posted if if they:

  • are likely to disrupt the flow of conversation relating to the story under which they’re posted
  • harass or are abusive to others taking part in the discussion
  • are libelous, offensive or contain prejudice against any individual or group
  • contain personal contact details or advertisements (links to supporting articles or data are welcome)
  • are repetitious or spam.

The CPSU reserves the right to edit, move or delete any message at any time, for any reason.

The Director of Campaign and Communication's decision about the suitability of all comments is final.