Capital Authority staff paying for managers’ mistakes

The National Capital Authority (NCA) has advised it will not financially compensate staff for a months long delay in finalising a new enterprise agreement, as the Turnbull Government’s bargaining policy again punishes blameless workers.

NCA staff narrowly voted to approve a new agreement in mid-May and expected to receive their first pay rise in nearly four years soon after.

But due to a technical error by NCA management at the beginning of bargaining, that agreement was set aside and the entire process belatedly restarted in October.

CPSU Deputy Secretary Beth Vincent-Pietsch said: “Capital Authority management made the mistakes that lead to this lengthy delay, but they’ve advised us that the Public Service Commission has blocked them from back-dating pay rises to the previous May ballot.”

“It’s bad enough that Capital Authority staff voted in good faith yet have been stuck in limbo for months. Refusing to compensate them for delays that are entirely beyond their control is mean spirited and completely unfair.”

“Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd and Minister Michaelia Cash are the Grinch double act that’s behind this horrendous situation. A Commonwealth-wide ban on backdating pay rises to previous agreements was already unfair but this situation is even worse.”

“This stuff-up is going to cost the average Capital Authority staff member thousands of dollars, as they head into their fourth Christmas without a pay rise. The fact this can happen again highlights that the current rules around enterprise bargaining are broken and need to be fixed.”

“We had to push NCA bosses for months to pressure them to fix their mistake, yet somehow it’s staff who are going to pay the price for that incompetence. They’ve shown contempt for their staff, given the National Film and Sound Archive found a way to compensate people for similar delays.”