CPSU welcomes departure of APS Commissioner John Lloyd

The CPSU welcomes the departure of Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd.

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said ‘Public Service Commissioner is an incredibly important job, and Mr Lloyd was not fit for it. In fact, during his term Mr Lloyd debased the office of the Commissioner, and repeatedly and deliberately attacked and undermined the public service.’

The job of the Australian Public Service Commissioner is to uphold standards and integrity in the Australian Public Service, to monitor its capabilities and promote high performance. Mr Lloyd has failed in each of these functions.

Ms Flood said ‘Mr Lloyd used his position to promote his ideological preoccupations, which has had a terrible effect on staff and on the ability of the Australian Public Service to provide critical services to the public. Mr Lloyd personally acted to undermine collective bargaining and block resolution of a 4 year dispute, meaning that thousands and thousands of people and their families had their incomes frozen for up to four years – and some still do even now.’

‘He is undermining critical services to the Australian public, job security and wages by pushing agencies towards outsourcing and labour hire.’

‘And he has brought his office into disrepute by using a public service position to help his friends at the IPA attack workers in a Senate Inquiry into bargaining.’

Mr Lloyd was appointed by the Abbott Government in 2014, and as a senior public servant his approach to the position reflects the agenda of both the Abbott and Turnbull Governments. The CPSU calls on the Turnbull Government to take this opportunity to appoint someone to this position who is experienced, committed and reflects the values of the public service.

Ms Flood said ‘The Turnbull Government must appoint someone to this position who will take the job seriously, and who will genuinely serve our community by supporting the APS to deliver its important work.’

‘Both staff and the public have suffered from the Turnbull Government’s approach to the public sector – they have made work more insecure, cut critical services such as Centrelink, the CSIRO, the ABC, the tax office, the ABS and countless more, and are still trying to privatise Centrelink and our visa system. Now would be a good time for the Turnbull Government to change course and appoint a Public Service Commissioner who is up to the job.’