Government cuts more Centrelink jobs in privatisation drive

The CPSU has today slammed further Centrelink job cuts as devastating for workers and their families just before Christmas, as well as for countless community members relying on Commonwealth agencies.

Near 70 job cuts have been flagged for workers in the debt recovery sections in Illawarra and Wollongong in regional New South Wales, as well as in Adelaide and Brisbane. The cuts are expected to affect non-ongoing staff members from November, some of whom have been on the same contracts within the Department of Human Services for many years. CPSU Deputy Secretary Melissa Donnelly said: “It’s disgraceful that we are hearing of more job cuts to Centrelink. Taking effect in November, this will be undoubtedly devastating for the almost 70 workers and their families just before Christmas.”

“It’s equally devastating for the many Australians relying on Commonwealth agencies who are suffering because the Government’s relentless privatisation agenda is damaging services to the community.

“These experienced government staff are expected to be replaced by private labour hire staff, who won’t have the same experience and corporate knowledge to do the work to the required standard. Labour hire workers are paid less, with fewer rights and conditions and no job security.

“The Government’s privatisation drive only serves private labour hire agencies, while the community suffers – these new cuts are further bad news for the debt recovery service which has been plagued by errors and incorrect debt notices.”