Michaelia Cash must quit over unforgiveable attack on women

The CPSU has called on Minister Michaelia Cash to resign over her threats against women working in junior staff positions at Parliament House.

Minister Cash made her unprecedented threat, to name women who she had heard rumours about, during an Estimates hearing this morning.

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said: “This is absolutely disgraceful behaviour from Michaelia Cash and shows once again that she is not a fit person to sit at the Cabinet table. Senator Cash should resign from her ministerial roles, and if she doesn’t then the Prime Minister should remove her.”

“We’ve been speaking to CPSU members who work at Parliament and they absolutely feel under attack from Michaelia Cash. This situation is above political allegiances. These slurs are an insult to the young women she threatened to drag through the mud this morning, and indeed an insult to all people working in Parliament.

“At a time when women around the world are saying #MeToo, refusing to stay silent about sexual pressure, harassment and assault in workplaces and beyond, Michaelia Cash has gone the other way by threatening to slur a group of young women. It’s grotesquely out of step and she should resign.”

“For this to come from a former Minister for Women is shocking even for a Government that previously put Tony Abbott in that role. Michaelia Cash should be standing up for working women and ensuring they’re treated with dignity and respect but instead she’s threatening to drag them into the gutter.”

“How much baseless and hurtful speculation will young women working in Parliament now endure because of the Senator’s ill-judged outburst? How many young women will now be afraid to work at Parliament because they may become targets of people like Senator Cash?”

“This is a terrible abuse of Parliamentary privilege by Senator Cash and an abuse of her power as a senior Government Minister. For the good of all working women, including those working in our Parliament, she must resign.”