More short-sighted job cuts to hit the Australian Bureau of Statistics

The CPSU says the Turnbull Government must take the blame for the axing of up to 100 more staff from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The ABS has notified the union that between 80 and 100 staff will be offered voluntary redundancies, with budget cuts blamed for the decision.

The unsustainable cuts come on top of the 120 ABS staff who were axed after a similar process announced late last year.

CPSU Deputy Secretary Melissa Donnelly said: “The ABS is being stripped of more than 200 staff in less than six months. That’s a completely unsustainable blow, especially given the recent and well justified scrutiny on the bureau’s performance.”

“Just like last year’s cuts, this fresh round of redundancies has been forced on the ABS by the Turnbull Government’s short-sighted and frankly ludicrous budget decisions. Even before these jobs started going the impact of those cuts was clear in last year’s Census debacle and longer-running issues with employment figures and other data.”

“Our members in the ABS are highly qualified individuals who work tirelessly to produce data that’s critical to effective government and also an invaluable tool for business and beyond. Cuts this deep unfortunately must have an impact on the ABS’s effectiveness and that will have wider implications.”

“The ABS is continually being forced to make decisions solely based on the size of its budget shortfall, with the importance of providing useful and accurate data seemingly an afterthought for the Turnbull Government.”

“With the Federal Budget looming, it’s critical that the Government repairs the damage it has caused to the ABS and puts this agency on a sustainable footing for the future. The bureau needs adequate funding otherwise the negative impact will only grow as these cuts deepen.”