MYEFO reveals Turnbull Government's wages hypocrisy

The Turnbull Government’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) has done nothing to help workers get a wage rise or restore the quality of essential public services, with the Government still actively trying to suppress wages.

Treasurer Scott Morrison released the updated Commonwealth accounts earlier today, showing a modest improvement in the Budget deficit and revising down unrealistic wages growth forecasts.

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said: “This is a fairly underwhelming statement. It’s no wonder the Turnbull Government has left MYEFO to the week before Christmas when they’ve squibbed it on the issues that really matter to ordinary Australians.”

“It’s no accident that wages growth is at record lows with workers battling attacks on unions, the right to bargain and contracting out of collective agreements, with the Turnbull Government all too eager to stop their own workforce and others getting a pay rise.”

“Over 13,000 workers in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection are heading to their fourth Christmas without a pay rise, watching the hypocrisy of the Turnbull Government pretending in MYEFO to care about the rising cost of living while it fights tooth and nail in Fair Work to block pay rises.”

“The wage growth forecasts in MYEFO have been downgraded but remain completely unrealistic, with the Turnbull Government and their big business mates acting in concert to suppress wages.”

“Corporate profits continue to grow as public services serve a growing population with increasing needs, and yet the workers making that possible are missing out.”

“Treasurer Morrison’s corporate tax cuts are as likely to trickle down into higher wages in workers pockets as Santa is to show up at your Christmas BBQ.”

“Our community wants Government to crack down on dodgy corporate behaviour such as tax avoidance and wage theft but instead they get served up yet another attack on those who can’t afford to pay, like university students and people relying on our already tightly targeted welfare system.”

“The Government has done little for public services in MYEFO, leaving their existing cuts in place with a few band-aids here and there, but no significant move to restore funding and undo the damage they’ve already caused. That’s the only way to fix major service failures, such as the 55 million calls to Centrelink that went unanswered last year alone.”