NT Budget cuts to slash 1,500 jobs and hurt public services

The CPSU has warned the Northern Territory Government’s planned Budget cuts could slash around 1,500 jobs in the next two years, while causing major and unsustainable damage to public services.

NT Treasurer Nicole Manison has announced the cuts on the back of last week’s confirmation that the Territory’s GST funding will be slashed by $2 billion over the next four years.

CPSU NT Regional Secretary Kay Densley said: “Slashing $150 million is a body blow to the Northern Territory. We estimate around 1,500 jobs could be cut as a result, which would massively undermine the quality and reliability of the essential public services that Territorians rely on.”

“The reality is that quarantining frontline services from these cuts won’t shield the public from the impact. Cutting support staff just means frontline workers spend more and more of the time they’re meant to be serving the public on other duties.”

“There’s no fat to cut in NT public sector agencies, after a decade of ongoing budget cuts. Ramping those cuts up even further in the way announced today will have a disastrous impact on public agencies, hurting the NT community, public sector workers and their families.”

“We acknowledge that the Gunner Government is in a very difficult position because of decisions made in Canberra, particularly ripping $2 billion in GST out of the NT, but the plan outlined by the Treasurer today is not a feasible solution to these very real problems.”

“Population growth is one of the reasons being blamed for the NT losing GST funding. Cutting public sector jobs and undermining essential public services is only going to make the issue of attracting and keeping people living in the Territory even harder.”

“We remain ready to work with the Gunner Government on an alternative plan that protects public sector jobs and essential services. We’ll also continue fighting for the Turnbull Government to increase Commonwealth funding for other problems in the Federal Budget to counter this massive and unfair GST cut.”