Telstra job cuts shows management out of touch

The union representing Telstra workers, the CPSU, has condemned yesterday’s announcement that more job losses are to come in Telstra’s contracting workforce. As part of a cost-cutting exercise, another 10,000 jobs will be slashed. This takes the total number of jobs cut at Telstra to 18,000 by 2022.

CPSU Deputy National President Brooke Muscat said, “our members who will lose their jobs take little comfort in knowing that Telstra is attempting to shore up its share price. Thousands of people and their families have lost what little job security they had as contractors, all around Australia, because of this announcement. It will be particularly hard for our members in regional areas, where good, secure jobs are increasingly hard to find.

“Telstra management have taken what was once a proud public utility and not only have they failed to deliver value for the people who bought shares- they are failing workers as well. These cuts show a lack of strategic focus from what should be Australia’s leading telecommunications company. Instead of being ready for our digital future, they are flailing and getting rid of their greatest asset: their people.

“Wages are flatlining and our economy is showing the effects. We need governments and employers that are prepared to acknowledge reality and start investing in good services and good jobs. Instead, we see record low wage growth and more cuts that will simply hurt working people and their families.”