Every KPI is a person

woman with a disability along with a second woman and a companion dog
NDIA Workload Reviews in Participant Experience Delivery

Workers from across the NDIA are coming together to share their concerns and solidarity with the fight for fairer KPIs. The fact is, the majority of staff are experiencing unreasonable stress and are concerned that participants have to pay the price.

CPSU members have told Senate inquiries, government officials and Royal Commissions that their workloads are too high - and now they have secured a review of all KPIs in Participant Experience Delivery.

We know you care about this issue because when workloads are too high the NDIA cannot adequately help people with disabilities access the supports they need to live an ordinary life.

Because of CPSU members’ tireless efforts, the wellbeing of staff could be addressed right now – but we need to get organised.

Sign our petition calling on NDIA Management to respect your workload and the impact on participants.

This is about getting Management to respect your right to speak up about unreasonable workloads and seek a review, an entitlement under your EA.

We call on the NDIA CEO Martin Hoffman to adopt the CPSU members Workload Review recommendations, as the basis for a formal Workload Reviews policy, to help facilitate a fair and consistent process across the agency.

This will help address your work health and safety and to allow staff to focus on what they have wanted all along – quality over quantity for participants.

Actions you can take right now:

  • Seek a review of your workload - use the resources on this page to get started.
  • If you are not already a CPSU member, join your union and help make your workplace fairer for everyone.
  • Sign the petition and add your name to the hundreds of workers asking for fairer KPIs for fairer outcomes for participants.

Together, your stories are powerful and cannot be ignored. Every KPI is a person, and that’s why this campaign is so important.