$1589 pay increase thanks to the CPSU

CPSU action has helped to secure salary advancement for casual staff who won permanent positions but fell through the cracks of the two different performance advancement processes.

What happened?

CPSU members approached CPSU in 2017 in relation to the salary that was set for them after winning a permanent ongoing position during recent recruitment round for IIE’s.

Members raised their concerns that in some cases they were one day short of receiving their 2.75% pay increment as an IIE and that this was not taken into account when their salary was set as a permanent ongoing employee.

Under the permanent ongoing performance process, they would have then had to wait, in some cases, in excess of 13 months to be eligible for advancement.

CPSU representatives raised the issue with the Department on behalf of members and called on management to recognise their skills and expertise.

After meeting with CPSU, the Department has now agreed to increase their annual salary by $1589 and award back pay.

An affected member got in touch to say they couldn’t have done it without the support of their union, “I tried to get my pay issue addressed at a local level, and it felt like no one was listening, thanks CPSU for taking this issue to national management and getting it resolved”.

CPSU congratulates the Department for doing the right thing and recognising that staff should not be disadvantaged due to the timing and acceptance of the offers of ongoing employment.

CPSU membership matters

It was CPSU members who drove the fight for IIE’s to be given the opportunity to convert to permanent and ongoing positions.

It was CPSU representatives who fought for their skills and experience to be recognised via salary setting.

It is the CPSU who continues to fight for the things that matter. 

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