The ABC and the public sector wage freeze

Today the Federal Government has announced a six-month deferral of wage increases for all Australian Public Service employees to take effect from 14 April for twelve months.

This decision does not apply to the ABC. The ABC’s independence is enshrined in legislation and the ABC’s leadership are under no obligation to apply this to ABC staff.

Nonetheless, it is a disappointing development for many frontline workers who, like the ABC, are providing critical services for Australians both in response to the recent bushfires and now COVID-19.

The CPSU condemns the Government’s decision to freeze the wages of public servants. Wage increases in the federal public sector account for only 0.058% of the government budget. Freezing wages will not help the budget line, but it will affect tens of thousands family budgets around the country, and the communities in which they spend.

You can read the CPSU media statement here.

Your ABC Enterprise Agreement 2019-2022 is the legally binding document that governs your pay. It was negotiated by the ABC and staff unions in good faith last year, ratified by the Fair Work Commission, and came into effect on 29 January this year. Your next ABC pay increase is due in the first full pay period after 1 October 2020.

Now more than ever ABC staff are providing critical essential services to the Australian community.

Yours in unity

Sinddy Ealy, ABC Section Secretary