ABS members

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 has dramatically affected the lives of all Australians at work as well as at home. Both Federal and State Governments have been announcing further measures to control the spread of COVID-19 which has resulted in a troubling few weeks for our members.

The CPSU is working with ABS, doing the best we can, to ensure you’re rights and conditions at work are protected. We have been successful in securing 14 days of paid leave for all ABS casual staff members who may need to take leave due to COVID-19.

We recommend that if you do have concerns around COVID-19 you speak to your manager about:

  • Alternative work arrangements such as working from home (if possible)
  • Any changes around leave arrangements

Coronavirus is a workplace risk and the situation is changing all the time. We are here to support our members in ABS.

Watch out for our comprehensive bulletin about your rights in the workplace and, in the meantime, if there any immediate COVID-19 risks in your workplace, please contact your local Health and Safety Representative, CPSU delegate or organiser.

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