ACMA staff vote in new EA

Staff have made the decision to accept the ACMA proposed EA, with 87.63% participation and 76.08% voting YES. 

This was a difficult decision for many members. There will no doubt be mixed feelings about the outcome. You can be very proud of the part you have played in securing a number of your rights and conditions. We also respect the democratic process.

Your choice to be a union member has made the difference

It’s worth remembering we’ve come a long way, from the first offer, which slashed your rights and conditions and cut your pay. Each time you voted NO the ACMA had to improve their offer.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your part in the campaign and tahnks to your CPSU delegates. Delegates are critical in connecting members and building our strength.

What happens now

Experience through this campaign demonstrates just how important it is that we have a strong and growing union to hold the ACMA to account, and for whatever comes next.

Our union is ready to tackle the next set of big issues in the ACMA, for that to work we need you to join us.

CPSU organiser and delegates will be talking to you about how we can make that happen and how you can help.

Please take the first step by having a chat with one of your colleagues about joining today. We are all in this together, and we need everyone to be with us if we are going to change the rules.