ACQSC bargaining update

Want to help your workmates in the union make ACQSC an even better place to work?

Every new member makes the union stronger. The more members and resources we have, the more seriously your employer takes us; and the more we can deliver for you. Your colleagues in the CPSU have presented a reasonable claim to management. They need your support and want you to join them in their union.

Your union bargaining representatives met with ACQSC management last week to discuss your employment conditions, allowances, and consultation and dispute resolution. A number of items from the previous meeting about workforce planning and management; redeployment, reduction and retrenchment; and people management were also discussed.

We’re approaching crunch-time in our negotiations, with 2 meetings left before the Commission is scheduled to table a first draft offer at the bargaining table. While the commission has made some good first steps, we think they can do better – Join CPSU today.

Some good first steps include adding Learning & Development clauses, the establishment of a Staff Participation Forum for consultative purposes, Family and Domestic Violence leave and a reasonable workload clause.

That said, the Commission doesn’t want to reimburse professional costs associated with maintaining allied health qualifications and nurse’s registration costs despite acknowledging these are desirable skills and qualifications for the quality assessor workforce.

Further, Members across the country say the current credit card reconciliation system is too burdensome and want to have a travel allowance re-instated.

The recognition of travel time is also a very significant issue for quality assessors. The current system is inequitable in how it recognises and compensates quality assessor employees and shifts the costs associated with travel from the organisation to the individual.

What do you think?

Securing a good outcome for staff during bargaining isn’t always about the strength of our argument, but the argument of our strength. If you think the Commission should and can do better by its staff – Join your union today.

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