Action needed: Hazardous Chemicals at work

We need your help to identify all the Chemicals and Airborne Contaminants that workers are being exposed to at work in DAWE.

This is very important

It will help us secure critical safety improvements that will prevent workers from unsafe and uncontrolled exposure to hazardous chemicals.

DAWE can’t keep workers safe, provide adequate PPE, and monitor health impacts of exposure to chemicals without first identifying the Chemicals and Airborne Contaminants they need to protect you from.

Here’s what you need to do 

DAWE has ignored the problem for weeks – so we need to do it ourselves.

CPSU staff and HSRs alerted management that workers are being exposed to chemicals and airborne contaminants without knowing it. The Department still hasn’t identified and registered the Chemicals and Airborne Contaminants workers are exposed to.

This is unacceptable. Unsafe exposure to chemicals can kill or seriously injure workers. DAWE can’t keep workers safe without first identifying the hazardous chemicals they need to protect you from.

CPSU members and HSRs want the problems fixed! We’re stepping up to get the job done.

Your union is using its expertise and resources to create a register of chemicals and airborne contaminants workers are being exposed to, and take direct action to secure improvements that will keep workers safe.

Safety is another reason why workers are choosing to join the CPSU

Ask your workmates to join and stand up for safety at work too.

The more union members there are, the greater the resources and collective power workers have to keep themselves safe.

We'll keep you updated on our progress and the next steps in the CPSU campaign to secure improvements ensure workers are protected from hazardous chemicals at work.