AFP members

After a strong 80% NO vote, the CPSU has written to management asking it to meet back at the bargaining table.

Tells us what you think

Complete and share the survey to identify a fair bargaining outcome. The survey will be open for the next two weeks. The survey will help our bargaining team at the table in arguing what is important to our members and where the AFP needs to shift. Please also share the attached paper version with interested colleagues. The paper version can be returned to:

What’s next?

We will shortly be running tea break and shift change meeting and tele-hookups to discuss how to roll out the survey and find out what’s important to our PSO members. You will shortly be receiving a list of all the dates and times of the CPSU visits and tele-hookups

How do we get a shift?

It is possible for the Government to shift, across the federal public service bargaining, they have backed down on cutting 15.4% superannuation and shifted on some of their productivity measures on  agreements.

We’re asking you to get on board today to strengthen our voice to win decent, fair and reasonable outcomes by asking a fellow PSO colleague to Join the CPSU.  It’s easy, ask them join online or call 1300 137 636.

Please share this story with interested colleagues.

Any questions, please email

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