AFP Workforce Renewal Program

AFP announcement of the Workforce Renewal Program (WRP)

The CPSU has written to management around this program.

We realise that some members may be considering resigning under the proposed WRP.

We believe that it is important to try to ensure that the WRP doesn’t result in any vacated positions not being filled in the future, on a 1:1 basis, with ongoing employees. If members leaving under the WRP are replaced by casuals or not at all then the WRP would be undermining important redundancy and redeployment rights in the current enterprise agreement.

Please send through your feedback

We have asked AFP for a meeting. Please send any questions or comments to me or talk to your local workplace delegate. We will keep you updated as we find out more information.

Any members that are considering the program

Please note that, as the AFP proposal currently stands, any payment will not be taxed at the concessional tax rate as it will not be a bona fide redundancy payment. We encourage you to take advantage of the AFP offer of $500 financial advice. 

Reminder that our AFP CPSU PSO bargaining survey is still open - if you have yet to complete it, click here