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Your delegates in the CPSU Research team have spent a lot of voluntary time over the last fortnight forensically examining what you told them in the recent CPSU AGD EA survey.

A claim has now been developed for members to consider. If a majority of the respondents endorse the claim, your bargaining team delegates will be able to table it at the first AGD EA negotiation meeting next week.

We invite you to review the attached claim, which asks for a simple Yes or No vote. You must be a member to participate so join now to ensure you’re represented!

Click here to endorse (or reject) the CPSU AGD EA 2020 Log of Claims

Salient points of the claim

  • A 3.5% per annum pay increase for all employees
  • Pay parity shortcomings within the Department to be addressed
  • All allowances to be increased by at least 3.5% per annum
  • No reduction in current conditions. (e.g. 20 days Personal/Carer’s leave)
  • Modest improvements to conditions concerning: - your job security (e.g. 7 & 13 month retention periods for all employees) - your career (e.g. Legal Officer Broadband to be re-established across AGD) - your leave (e.g. improved supporting partner leave) - and your rights at work (e.g. improved consultation provisions)
  • The CPSU reserves the right to raise additional Claims during the course of bargaining

We anticipate the Government’s Bargaining Policy will remain the major block to us achieving our Claim because it restricts pay increases to 2% p.a, dampens innovative methods of dealing with pay disparity and discourages condition enhancement. This weighting in favour of the employer is unfair and the union will continue to oppose the Policy, but we may need to shift our focus to your identified top priorities quickly.

Next steps

  • Over recent weeks we have seen a significant lift in union membership. Welcome to all new members including those of you just about to click on this link to join CPSU.
  • It is the union’s intention to wrap negotiations up in a timely manner. Our plan is for staff to be voting on an improved EA with no erosion to conditions in November or December 2019.
  • Throughout the campaign, the membership will be invited to engage in decision-making processes so you can influence any critical position the union needs to adopt.
  • The bargaining representatives first meet on Thursday October.

CPSU AGD delegates analysed your survey answers and created a draft claim this week. 

CPSU AGD delegates analysed your survey answers and created a draft claim this week. 

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