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High Risk Category Risk Assessment

The CPSU, with the support of members, has been able to reach a compromise with the department and the updated Risk Assessment for High Risk workers is a process that we think provides the right amount of flexibility to assess whether a person in a high risk group can safely remain in the workplace. The updated risk assessment and guidance will be available for CPSU members shortly.

Members have received detailed advice about this and are also able to have the advice and support of our Member Service Centre about their individual circumstances. Join today to access this advice and support.

The use of personal leave for caring for your children

As reported last week, members have contacted the CPSU to advise that the department has informed staff that they cannot take personal leave when caring for their children during term 2. The department has advised that staff with children at home must take other available leave credits such as flex, TOIL or annual leave, purchased leave or long service leave.

The department continues to assert that this position is consistent with APSC advice and that personal/carers leave can no longer be taken because the situation is no longer unforeseen, parents have had time to make other arrangements and that schools are open.

The CPSU does not agree with this position and believes that the department’s position goes further than the APSC advice, which does not preclude the use of personal/carers leave and simply states, “Employees who choose not to send their children to school ……may utilise their available leave credits”.

The CPSU’s position is that this situation continues to be an emergency and that while parents may be aware that the situation could last months, it does not make this an foreseeable situation and that it is well documented that this pandemic is unprecedented. Parents could not have planned arrangements for such a lengthy disruption and many are still unable to arrange alternative care.

The CPSU has made their position clear to the department and we understand the stress that this is causing working parents. We will continue to call for a common sense approach and for flexibility from local managers in the application of the department’s policy. We have also requested DAWE’s approach be raised with the APSC. You can add your voice to these representations by joining the CPSU today.

Section 24(1) Determinations

The CPSU is aware that the Section 24(1) Determinations covering Wharf Allowance, Airport Shift Allowance and the application of pay increases for BOD and veterinary staff are on the internal intranet. We have just received managements’ official response to feedback provided by the CPSU and will correspond with members shortly. Biosecurity Operations Division (BOD) review

Your CPSU representatives have met with management to discuss the BOD review. For more information about this and for the ability to have your say in this review, we welcome you to join the CPSU today.

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Brooke Muscat, CPSU Team Leader for DAWE

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