Air Services staff win first aid allowance

A green first aid officer's canvas bag

Thanks to union members in Air Services, from now on all Maintenance and Services Field Operatives staff will receive the First Aid Allowance we believe they were always entitled to.

Airservices were not recognising that these staff who were expected to hold first aid qualifications should be paid the First Aid allowance, so Maintenance & Service staff at Tullamarine asked for the assistance of CPSU and ETU organisers to facilitate a meeting with Airservices.

Airservices requires many Maintenance & Services Field Operatives to have first aid qualifications for the work they perform, often performing repairs to critical infrastructure, sometimes in remote areas which have very limited access to emergency services.

Last week M&S management agreed that:

  • All nominated M&S field operatives (techs and trades) will receive the allowance.
  • Where a location is not entirely staffed with M&S field operatives, an additional nominated person will be authorised and will receive the allowance. M&S management advised that payment of Allowances will be dependent on meeting the requirements of AA-PROC-SAF-0010, which determines that the ratio of first aiders in a workplace is 1:50, for non-high-risk workplaces.

Payment of the First Aid allowance will commence from Monday, 14 October 2019.

This is a big deal for staff who will be around $500 a year better off thanks to the CPSU and the ETU. In all, 166 workers in over seventeen sites will be just under $500 a year better off with a Senior First Aid qualification, some more than $500 a year if they hold an Advanced or Occupational First Aid qualification.

The CPSU will work with other technical/EVT work areas outside of M&S who are required to hold first aid qualifications for work and are not currently being paid the First Aid allowance. Please get in contact with your local CPSU Delegate or Organiser.

When union members work together they can achieve great things for the benefit of all members - whether it’s improved safety in your workplace or money in your pocket.