Airservices Australia: It’s time to vote!

Voting opens today – are you ready?

Tomorrow, 18 months after your current EA reached its Nominal Expiry Date, Airservices is proceeding to a vote on its offer.

CPSU delegates from around the country have considered the offer and determined it does not go far enough towards meeting the key areas of our claim. On the basis of the delegates vote, CPSU is recommending members vote no – see full details of the offer below.

It’s time you decide, ‘is this is enough?’

CPSU delegates note there are substantial problems with the offer, some of which are issues created by the current government’s harsh and unfair bargaining policy and a number of which are problems created by Airservices.

Members and delegates have also highlighted that your strength, unity and your ability to continue this fight we have also seen substantial movement on the part of Airservices. Under the current government’s bargaining policy, there is only limited room for further improvement.


Issues with this deal that we think need to be addressed: 

•    Pay quantum and back pay is a real problem, an offer of only 6% for a three year agreement, with no compensation for 18 months delay is a major problem.

•    Much of the EA is now contained in policy – many of the biggest wins we have achieved will not be included in the main agreement, held instead in largely unenforceable policies or protocols. Can you count on Airservices to do the right thing?

•    Consultation and delegates rights – Airservices still refuse to include any of these rights in the EA, instead including them only in a protocol document. This protocol fails to match the standards of consultation and delegates rights that we see in the ATC and ARFF EAs. This is a significant loss in relation to the rights you are currently afforded.

•    Cuts to protections on the use of fixed term employment.

•    Salary progression – while there have been significant movements on salary progression, the loss of an incremental pay scale is notable. The impact of this change depends on your personal circumstances, on average, the change means more staff will get performance based increases but the impact varies greatly.

•    Classification structure split – Airservices are splitting the ASA level 7 and ASA level 8 classifications in half which would mean new staff would not be able to progress through the full pay range. For example, you would progress through what would be called ASA 7A and would be prevented from reaching the top of the scale which would be contained in ASA 7B. We have been assured however that existing employees would still be able to progress through the full scale.Do you think it is fair that new starters will be treated differently to existing staff?

Improvements to the offer

We have seen many real shifts from Airservices starting position, which included over fifty cuts to rights and conditions. The list below does not include those matters where your campaign has led to existing rights being retained.

•    Frontloaded pay rises – Just last week Airservices finally agreed to provide front loaded pay rises with staff now receiving 3% this year, 2% next year and 1% the year after.

•    Increases to allowances – Many allowances will be increased by 6% upon approval of the agreement allowing staff to receive the higher rate for the entirety of the agreement.

•    Work Performance Framework – This year, the existing Work Performance Framework will continue to apply, and salary progression will occur on 1 July 2019 for exceeds and outstanding.

•    Advancement for meeting expectations – As of July 2020 staff (who are not at the maximum of their pay range) who meet expectations in the WPF will receive 1% salary advancement. Currently there is no increase when you are rated as meeting expectations.

•    HDA will be payable after it is performed for five days cumulative in a year, instead of the current twenty days.

•    Current HF staff not at the top of ACS 7 will still receive increment increases if rated exceeds or outstanding.This is due to HF being negatively impacted by the new performance pay arrangement. All other HF staff will be subject to the new WPF arrangements.

Your combined union bargaining team have worked extremely hard over the last 18 months. This was a big campaign and you should be proud of how you stuck together, showed your strength and got Airservices to move. The protected industrial action by CPSU members forced Airservices into the New Approaches process in the Fair Work Commission, which has led to a substantially improved offer. 

The CPSU cannot endorse this agreement and is recommending a no vote

The vote is occurring in the shadow of a federal election. This may lead to significant alterations to the government bargaining policy or a simple continuation of the current policy, depending on the election outcome.

It is now up to you to decide what you want to do and whether or not you think the Airservices EA offer is good enough.

A detailed summary document on the Corporate EA offer can be accessed here.