Airservices cadets awarded thousands in back pay

Two Airservices cadets have been awarded thousands of dollars in back pay, after the CPSU stepped in.

The Tech Cadets from Wagga Wagga had transfered to the Airservices Australia office in Darwin where they should have been paid a District Allowance and a Remote Locality Extra Week's Leave.

The non-payment of these entitlements was only discovered at a recent CPSU meeting held in Darwin to discuss enterprise agreement negotiations. 

Local CPSU organiser Ben Stern worked together with the members to investigate and tackle the issue. Thanks to their efforts, one cadet, who had moved to Darwin over 4 years ago, received 3 years back-payment for the district allowance and 4 weeks extra leave - totalling approximately $8,000 in back pay. The other Cadet received a year’s worth of District Allowance and an Extra Weeks Leave. 

Entitlements like these have been negotiated and won by CPSU members over many years. When the entitlements weren't being paid, union members stood together and took action to protect their rights. If you're not yet a member, join today.