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Changes to Fair Work regulations and six month deferral on wage increases

Following a change to Fair Work regulations, over the next six months, workplaces are now able to vary the conditions of employment by putting the proposed changes to a ballot of staff with only 24 hours notice. The CPSU have written to AMSA regarding this change and they provided the following response;

“AMSA is not seeking to vary the terms and conditions under the AMSA Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019. Should we seek to do so in the future, we will most certainly be inviting early engagement and discussion with the CPSU, and employee representatives."

AMSA have also notified staff that they will be delaying their next pay-rise due to the six-month deferral on general wage increases occurring between 14 April 2020 and 13 April 2021 for non-SES public sector employees. Your next pay rise under the AMSA Remuneration Determination will now be on 10th December 2020.

Given the uncertainty in the current environment, it is important that workers stick together. Please support the work of the CPSU by joining the uinion today.

Support workers in AMSA Connect

The AMSA Connect team provide an essential frontline service by ensuring customers get the help they need. Staff working at AMSA Connect are, however, primarily engaged on labour hire contracts. This means that these workers cannot access the same entitlements like sick leave or annual leave.

CPSU members believe that workers doing the same job should be on the same pay and conditions and have been advocating for all workers to get paid COVID-19 leave.

Already more than 500 workers have signed a petition calling for the Government and labour hire agencies to provide paid leave if workers are required to self-isolate at home as a result of contracting COVID-19. Please add your name at the link below.

Sign our petition to support labour hire workers getting paid COVID19 leave

What has happened at your site?

If you have specific concerns around social distancing within your workplace not being 1.5 metres apart, or any other issues, please let us know.

If you have any other individual concerns, including about your health and safety at work, the CPSU Member Service Centre is open from 8am to 8pm on business days. You can call 1300 137 636 to discuss your membership options and for advice. 

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