ANSTO-Synchrotron Employee Representative Forum

The ANSTO-Synchrotron Employee Representative Forum (ERF) was held on 20 March 2019. Here are some notes from the forum:

Travel policy revision

  • Following feedback from members, the revised policy will be updated to reflect intended flexibility to cater for fieldwork and other travel (e.g. purchasing bulk groceries for trip).
  • The restriction of individual meal limits will be removed.
  • Direction that support for personal circumstances (e.g. kids at home and flexibility with ticketing options) can be discussed with manager, escalated to the Executive if necessary.

The combined unions successfully argued that these conditions need to be stipulated in the policy, rather than as separate info (FAQs). Management will post the revised policy this week, but intends to continue with 1 April roll-out (configuration changes to Concur are ready and training for all staff will be provided).

Inclusive language guide

Draft has been revised following feedback from members and other staff. An intranet page is being developed for greater awareness, and more support groups are being developed.

Career Management System (and Clifton Strength-Finders)

The shift in requirements for participation has been noted, opt out available without APEA (behaviour) consequences. Combined unions have escalated the request for clarification of the overall CMS, and where the Cliftons survey and workshop fit into this plan.

Other points of note

  • The CPSU reminded management about the concerns raised by members in the Synchrotron Operator group on 7/2/19. Management committed to respond by 22/3/19.
  •  In light of the recent ARPANSA recommendations and recent safety issues the CPSU requested workplace health and safety updates (particularly Building 23) to be a standing item on the ERF agenda, management were open to this idea and reminded unions that safety matters are always available on the ANSTO Intranet.
  • The CPSU requested more information on restructuring on the Information and Digital Services at ANSTO. Members flagged this up to the union this week, management have requested a further meeting with the CPSU this week.
  • Management have advised that retrospective changes to payslips have been ‘cosmetic’ changing the format rather than the content. Unions asked if changes to the CR number were legally compliant for audit purposes. Management will respond.
  • Outstanding SAP issues relating to leave and flex accrual have largely been addressed according to management. It was reported that there were only 2 complex cases remaining - The combined unions group reiterated that management should formally approach unions on consultation matters rather than individual union members/ reps. This will allow unions to follow their own internal processes to ensure members views are being fully represented. Management understood and accepted this process. Further discussions were held on processes including accurate and timely minute-taking and a final meeting to finalise the remaining matters on the RMSI process.

Please let your CPSU representatives know if you have comments of feedback on any of the above. You can find the revised Travel Policy on the ANSTO Intranet pages.

If you are not yet a CPSU member, help support the work we do for all ANSTO- Synchrotron staff by joining here or by calling 1300 137 636.