Are you an employee who has disability?

The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), in partnership with the Department of Social Services, is currently developing the APS Disability Employment Strategy 2020–25.

To ensure the strategy reflects the needs of all stakeholders, consulting with people with disability is vital. Part of this consultation includes a survey to better understand the motivators of employees with disability, identify barriers in the workplace, explore opportunities for change, and test potential solutions.

Creating an environment which supports people with disability is a whole-of-APS opportunity and the APSC would value input from all APS employees. They particularly want to hear about your experiences if you identify as:

  • an employee with disability 
  • an employee who uses workplace adjustments, or
  • an employee who chooses not to share their disability with HR.

The APSC survey will be open until Thursday, 20 February 2020. You can also provide feedback on the strategy via your union.