Are you protected if you get hurt or injured?

Most members know that if you’re injured or have an accident while at work, you’re covered and protected by workplace compensation insurance. But did you know that following changes to the Comcare scheme in 2007, you lost protection if you’re injured travelling on your normal journey to or from work?

What would you do if you didn’t have enough sick leave to cover your recovery? How would you pay the rent or your mortgage once you run out of leave?

As a CPSU member, we’ve got your back with CPSU Journey Cover – it’s free and you’re automatically covered when you become a member.

Rosemary’s story

It was a rainy day when Rosemary slipped and fell heavily to the ground about a hundred metres from her Medicare office door. Her colleagues rushed to help her as Rosemary realised she was seriously hurt.

Rosemary needed extensive surgeries on her arms and ran out of paid personal leave. Thankfully, the CPSU’s journey cover provided fortnightly payments, helping Rosemary get back on her feet.

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Membership matters

Journey Cover is just one of the many benefits you have an access to as a member of the CPSU.

If you have friends and colleagues that want to join and get access to Journey Cover (as well as many other member benefits) they can join online here, by calling 1300 137 636, or by having a chat to one of your friendly CPSU delegates.