ATO Docklands: You did it!

Docklands Great Book Swap

Wow! Thanks to you, we’ve raised over $2,800 and counting to improve the literacy and ultimately the lives of indigenous kids living in remote communities.

In our Great Book Swap at Docklands we raised $300 alone. This is fantastic.

“That’s an incredible result and a huge effort, so thank you to everyone who took part. It is organisations like yours that let us to continue to do the vital work we do. Sincerest thanks for all your support." from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

The CPSU believes in equal opportunity for all. Literacy is the foundation of a fair society and your donation lays the groundwork for these kids.

If you have a great idea that improves the lives of others and builds the world we want to live in, please contact me on (03) 8620 6371 or email

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