Aus Post propose MOU offer

Aus Post propose MoU offer as a result of FWC Conciliation - Let us know your views

On Tuesday the CPSU received a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) proposal from Australia Post (AP) as a result of our continued advocacy on behalf of members in the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

We have been able to negotiate some improvements to AP’s MoU offers but key CPSU claims have not been agreed to. You can see the latest MoU offer here.

With the backing of unions members, we are pleased that we have been able to negotiate the following improvements;

  • Access to advanced Rec Leave, and only need to use 4 days of Rec leave during Christmas shutdown – no one will need to take leave without pay!
  • Agreement to negotiate new work from home policy, based on learnings from 2020
  • Agreement that working from home will not be unreasonably withheld until such time as a policy is agreed
  • Agreement to review classification structure (and thus pay rates) for workers in Customer Service areas

However, there are a number of outstanding members’ issues, specifically:

  • No financial improvements - With AP’s annual report showing record profits their unwillingness to negotiate financial improvements for a large cohort of its workforce is disappointing
  • Most of what has been offered by AP is already in the current EBA and policy or programs which AP would most likely pursue outside of bargaining or an MoU
  • A lot of the proposals from Aus Post are not instant improvements but future promises to discuss (ie. Consultation on a Future WFH Policy and Future Contact Centre Reclassification)

By agreeing to this MoU, CPSU members would be agreeing to support Temporary Reform (Alternative Delivery Model), commitment to no industrial action and forfeiting our right to bargain for any pay rises via a new enterprise agreement until May 2021.

CPSU members have two options: continuing to pursue AP in the FWC or signing this MoU. Before making any decision we want to hear your feedback on the proposal. However, if members decide to proceed to a hearing we are likely to be back in the FWC commission next year.

To view a table of CPSU member priorities for an MoU and AP’s responses, before Fair Work and after the CPSU took them to the FWC, click here.

Customer Service Members: Addressing a message from Taeressa

All Customer Service workers would have received an email from Taeressa Fawthrop, General Manager of Customer Service. All of the benefits advertised in the MoU proposal have been achieved from the hard work of CPSU members and delegates in supporting us in our bargaining/MoU negotiations and were not handed out from the generosity of Aus Post!

CPSU is still seeking pay interval for Customer Service workers and a reclassification, including an outcome which addresses the close to $20,000 pay difference between a Level 3 and Level 6 Team Leader.

What can you do?

Get involved in our bargaining campaign to improve your pay and condition by sending feedback and speaking to your colleagues or to our CPSU Delegate Team here.