Austrade restructure consultation

2020 continues to pummel us all!! My last communiqué was sent post smoke inundation, bushfires and severe hail storms (Sydney and Canberra).

We now find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic (COVID-19). Dealing with the health challenges that this entails, in addition to the complications and technical glitches that working from home is for many of us ... it seems we are all at what I would term as FULL (both physically and emotionally).

This communique is specifically in relation to another change which was thrown at Austrade staff last week – the Austrade’s adoption and transition to a new organisational structure. As CPSU delegates we are extremely concerned by the timing of the proposed restructure and the very short consultation process.

We do not believe the staff consultation timeline of 3 weeks, which started on 31 March and closes 21 April 2020, is either fair or long enough given everything else staff are currently dealing with! In addition the transition to the proposed new structure has been given as 4 May 2020. The Our National Organiser Isabelle Teissier has written to Hamish Hay detailing these concerns.

Our aim with this communiqué is to seek additional and detailed concerns from members relating to the proposed restructure. Please provide any comments or how you believe your role/function will be impacted by the restructure. 

Contact Andre or myself by COB Friday 17 April 2020

We will coordinate any comments received about the restructure with our National CPSU Organiser Isabelle Teissier.

Some initial comments received from some staff/members include;

Really bad timing (of course)

People are being pulled off their normal duties for Covid 19 work within Austrade. In our small office in Adelaide three people are now involved in that freight subsidy. Many slots don’t have names in the new structure

No job descriptions

Could well be pivoting into a completely changed business environment i.e. may not be suitable structure for those changed conditions.

Please stay safe during these uncertain times, stay at home and have a lovely, quiet and relaxing Easter Break.

In unity,

Sonja Schmid, CPSU delegate (Canberra)