Australia Post and Good Faith Bargaining

This week the CPSU has lodged a good faith bargaining dispute with the Fair Work Commission with regard to Australia Post breaching its Good Faith Bargaining obligations under Section 228 of the Fair Work Act.

We are seeking the support of the Fair Work Commission to assist us in reaching an outcome for workers in Australia Post who have not achieved any benefit through the MOU process that was undertaken between your employer and the CEPU.

If you want to improve your conditions and pay through the bargaining process it is essential that you join the CPSU here so we are able to represent you.

With the backdrop of record profits, Australia Post’s responses to your bargaining claim and its unwillingness to negotiate improvements for a large cohort of their workforce means it should be held accountable to you through the FWC.

What can you do, want to know more?

Joining the CPSU is essential If you want to improve pay and conditions at Australia Post. If you want to know more, feel free to contact a CPSU delegate or for an update.

You and your colleagues have been working extremely hard during this pandemic and deserve recognition. It's vital you join the CPSU today if you want to achieve an outcome.