Australia Post employees

Last week the CPSU was successful at the Fair Work Commission with Australia Post agreeing to a conciliation process to try to resolve our good faith bargaining dispute.

Australia Post’s preferred outcome was to further delay the bargaining process by seeking an adjournment for a month. If you want a bargaining outcome it is essential you join today.

The CPSU remains steadfast in its goal of achieving an outcome which prioritises members’ views on job security, financial compensation and improvements to working conditions. Australia Post continued to reiterate its strong position to defer bargaining until next year.

Want to know more?

Members have access to more information so join today and call Suwan on 0408 404 316 and he can update you on the details. We will keep all of our members in the loop on future discussions with Australia Post.

Want to help achieve an outcome that you deserve?

We are only able to represent you if you are a CPSU member. To be able to improve our bargaining position it is essential that you join today.

Australia Post has tried to ignore you and your colleagues, however if you and more of your colleagues join, we are stronger together in achieving an outcome. Join the CPSU here today.